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Bug In& Bug Out Which Is Better?

Bug In Bug

A break-in is at home from disaster, and an escape is in the wilderness. Preparers should know how they will act in each situation, what the getaway location is, and how to organize their gear, vehicles, getaway bags, food, weapons, and first aid kits. weathervanesurvivalsupplies help you figure out how to Bug In& Bug Out

Main disaster scene

When a disaster strikes, the people at the epicenter have to decide which course of action they want to choose: Bug In or Bug Out. The former means that you want to stay put and hide at home, hoping that the danger will soon disappear or pass you by.

Another option is to leave your home in search of a better, safer location. If you’re an experienced preparer, you’ve probably found the best potential escape locations around, and all you need to do in a survival situation is take your family to your escape shelter to avoid danger.

However, these decisions have some problems in reality. It is impossible to plan your actions in an emergency. Simply because at any point, everything can go wrong. Disasters and catastrophes are highly unpredictable.

Therefore, it is very short-sighted to say that you must stay at home with your family and bring food when you are in danger. So, the best option for you is to be prepared for different situations and plan your exit, not just plan your entry.

Of course, you can contingency-prep only for one particular scenario that you like best. This article is dedicated to the pros and cons of each situation and will be constructive for those who are choosing the best survival strategy.

However, I strongly recommend that you consider both error-in and error-out situations, as it’s an excellent idea to have an action plan for both.

Why you should choose Bug In Strategy

Even seasoned survivalists would rather stay home in case of danger than rush to an escape location. However, you need to understand when it’s okay to stay put and when it’s not wise.

First, you should understand that wiretapping may not always be your favorite option, especially if you live in a metropolitan area. High population density means that most or thousands of its people will seek shelter in dangerous situations at the same time.

If your apartment is centrally located, you may find yourself amidst chaos and civil unrest. Then common sense tells you that staying home is probably not the best idea.

Why you should take out the pest control bag and move to the deworming site

Leaving home can be a real challenge for you, even if it is a forced measure. The truth is, you don’t know what dangers lie ahead, how long you’ll have to go, or if you’ll make it.

Often, people don’t even have a final destination, trying to stay as far away from danger as possible. The next time you want to get an overview of what to expect on your escape journey, imagine yourself as a Middle Eastern refugee trying to make it to Europe.

You’ve fled the horrors sweeping your country with a bug-proof bag filled with a few essentials. Then you look for people willing to take you across oceans, hundreds of miles overland, and across multiple country borders to get to your final destination, where you have to start your life from scratch.

Also, there is one more thing you need to remember – you will have to starve. No matter how much you want to, you won’t be able to carry an entire refrigerator full of food with you, so that means your supplies will barely last a week.

After all the food you were able to take with you has been used up, you will have to go get it yourself. You’ll need basic knowledge about hunting, fishing, plants you can and can’t eat, how to prepare a game, and more. For Bug In& Bug Out you should also know how to use basic medicines for first aid because no one knows what will happen to you on this dangerous trip.

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